Review of Chasing Eva by Camellia

Evangeline [Eva] Avery was on the fast track to becoming a well – endowed Chef until things changed and her life went on a different path. Her father recently passed and left their interior design firm in her capable hands. Eva finds out that her boyfriend of seven months was also cheating on her – the entire relationship was a lie. Therefore, Eva has a big issue with trust and now add in the new firm. What she didn’t realize is that the company is struggling and she’s trying her hardest to keep it afloat. One of their oldest and wealthiest clients has a meeting to cancel their services and this is where she meets Clive Stanton – well, she thinks this is their first time meeting, anyway. (wink, wink). Clive is a notorious playboy – he is always in tabloids with different eye candy. What Eva doesn’t realize is that she was his first crush – now, he is determined to “keep her”. Will Eva see past the tabloids and paparazzi lies? Can she trust what Clive tells her? Can she handle the limelight herself? Clive and Eva have that special spark – you know, that SPARK, all consuming chemistry. From the first few pages – you are already on the edge of your seat – waiting to see that chemistry explode. While their relationship begins to blossom, there is more is in store for our Eva girl. Every new client she meets with is saying that another firm is outbidding her – who would do this to her and her company and why? Is it someone out for revenge? Did her father know about this when he passed? Oh my gosh – did this have something to do with her father’s passing? Well, ladies and gentleman – we won’t know those answers until Loving Eva is released. This book does leave you with questions and a curiosity as to what will happen next – but does not leave you with a jaw- dropping cliffhanger.

3 ½ stars from me!


lisa angel

* I received a complementary copy of Chasing Eva in exchange for an honest review.

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