❋❋❋ Weathered Love (The Prick Series Book #2) Author: Tracie Redmond ❋❋❋ Review by Shannon ❋❋❋



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Life doesn’t come with a weather forecast. There isn’t a report to tell you when a storm is coming. When the dark clouds roll in, you are lost to the depths of your own making.

Camaron Willis only had one person he could count on. One person who could always lift him up. After almost destroying their friendship he has to sit back and watch her marry someone else.

His world is consumed with darkness as the storm clouds wage on in his life. The only escape he can find is at the bottom of a bottle. He works, he drinks, and he sleeps with any woman who is willing to spread her legs. He doesn’t even realize the darkness has consumed him, until he finally catches a break in the clouds and finds a glimpse of light shining through

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Review of Weathered Love by Tracie Redmond I have to say that when I found out that this book was going to be Camaron’s story, I was surprised and concerned to be honest. Camaron was such a…jerk (to put it mildly) in Guided Love. However, Tracie Redmond has an amazing ability to shine a light on some positive characteristic and then you find yourself rooting for them. “No one should have to weather a storm alone.” I absolutely love her writing style, and how she gives you just enough information on the other characters that you can’t wait to read their stories. “You found your light. The one that chases away all the darkness.”

I give Weathered Love 4 halos. *I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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