~`~`Target(Unwanted Soldiers 1) by Aden Lowe is #‪‎LIVE‬ and #‎FreeInKU‬!!! ~`~`

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target 1
Target(Unwanted Soldiers 1) by Aden Lowe is #‪‎LIVE‬ and #‎FreeInKU‬!!!

She was only supposed to be a Target—not become my everything.


I’m an Unwanted Soldier—an elite group of former soldiers which takes missions no one can complete, no matter the amount of money offered. I handle specific targets—the impossible ones.

Coming home from a mission in the desert, all I want is sleep. A visitor derails that plan with a file and a new mission: rescue Lauren Johnson from the abusive Presidential Candidate/US Senator Jared Richardson.

Lauren’s gray eyes got to me, left me powerless to turn it down. I only take the most remote and dangerous jobs. This one might have the biggest stakes of all—my heart.

I could be the next First Lady! But as the campaign heats up, my fiancé, US Senator Jared Richardson, is under more stress, and he lashes out at me. His staff looks the other way. I can’t just leave. My face is everywhere. My family and friends have all been pushed away. And Jared won’t let me go, even if I no longer want this.

My new bodyguard, Trick, protected me from Jared, despite the danger to himself from Jared’s henchmen. I’m not certain why he’s on my side, but he’s the only one I have, and I trust him. He helps me remember how things are supposed to be, and what I want from life. He makes me want so much more. If he’s willing to take these risks, surely I can have the courage to leave Jared and move on. If only Trick will move on with me…
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AU http://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B01K1BQAM4
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What can I say a different type of book written by Aden Lowe but I loved it. I have enjoyed all of his books and this one does not disappoint.

 Lauren’s family sought  Trick out for a special mission not something he normally did but for some reason he took this job.

 Lauren was “engaged” to a very abusive Senator her family needed help to get her out. This has to be dealt with in a way that only  a team with certain skills had.  Trick needed the help of a few of his men he could trust no one else to help get the job done.

 There are people in the book you want to slap around, Trick included at times. He just needed to follow his heart and let the rest work itself out.  Is Lauren strong enough to handle what is in front of her ?

The book is fantastic. It does have domestic violence but is is also filled with love, some hot sex scenes and so much more. 


This is the first book in Aden Lowe’s wanted Soldiers Series and I can not wait for more.


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